Finley’s Food Tips for a Healthy Summer

Hi Finley here,

Summer’s here and I LOVE IT!  I love the warm weather and the really long days because it means longer walks and more time with my humans, plus there’s the added pleasure that comes from all the great smells when my humans cook and eat their food outside!  Of course, it smells good inside, but there’s just something about the smell of the food when it’s cooking on that big…..thing that sits on the patio….I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. It’s one of my favorite things about summer. But you know, for all the great stuff that gets passed around (and dropped on the ground), when my humans eat outside, there’s a lot of stuff that’s really not good for us pets to eat.  Check out this really cool picture that shows you all the food that pet’s shouldn’t eat.


The main thing to remember when you’re enjoying summer meals outside is to keep the food away from your pet where he won’t be able to get into it.  If you think your pet may have gotten some food that could be bad for him, call your Vet right away. He may have you bring your pet in or he may just ask you some questions and have you watch your pet for any symptoms that may appear.

Keep this cool picture handy so you know how to protect your pet and have a great summer!


Until Next Time,



Executive Canine Quality Control Officer

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