The Ultimate Guide to Buying Dog Supplies

Here at Cascade Kennels, we are often asked where the best places are for purchasing dog supplies.  Most of us here on staff have our favorite places, both locally and online, so we decided to comprise a list for our followers so that you have all the information right at your fingertips.  Fortunately, there are many local stores that offer a wide variety of dog supplies from specialty foods, to beds, toys and treats. Even most grocery stores offer a wide array of food and toys, but if your dog requires a special diet there are some great local resources as well as online stores that will offer the food and other dog supplies you will need.


Petco is a great place to start. Their online store offers everything you can imagine, plus you also have the convenience of shopping at several conveniently located brick-and-mortar stores. Petco offers deep savings online on most dog supplies plus there’s the added benefit of the Pals Rewards that offers cash rewards for every $100 spent. You can redeem your rewards either in the store or online.

Mud Bay

MudBay is a Northwest original with several locations in the Puget Sound area from Ballard to Bothell. They specialize in healthy food for your pets so if you have a dog that requires a special diet, MudBay may be a great place to check out.

Bothell Feed Center

Bothell Feed Center is located at the corner of Bothell-Everett Highway and the Maltby Road.  You can’t miss their horse statue out front who has been known to sport a myriad of costumes from Seahawks jerseys to Santa hats, and everything in between.  Bothell feed center offers supplies for all types of pets and is a great resource for supplies for rural residents. However, their website allows you to search by pet and you will find a large product catalog of dog supplies including name brand dog food, leashes, harnesses for walking and much more.

Now, if you prefer to shop online for your dog, here are some of our favorite online shops for finding great supplies for your dog.

Chewy is a huge online shop offering supplies for a wide variety of pets, but you will find TONS of supplies for your dog. They offer a huge selection of prescription brand dog food and treats if you happen to have a dog that has very specific dietary needs. Where local stores may be a bit limited here, is likely to have just what you need.  You can sign-up for auto-ship which will save money on what is typically pretty expensive dog food.

Doctors Foster & Smith

Doctors Foster & Smith is a catalog and online pet supply company that has been around since 1983. It is operated by two veterinarians, hence the name Doctors. Dog supplies as well as all pet supplies are in abundance on this site, however you will also find some great educational articles on a wide variety of topics that the doctors offer.

Budget Pet Care

It’s always great to find a site that emphasizes the word “budget” because, let’s face it, pet supplies can get expensive. Click on the Dog Supplies link and you’ll find everything from flea meds, to ear drops, supplements, shampoos, as well as food, wound care and even some products to help with behavioral issues in your dog.


PetFlow is an online store specializing in supplies for dogs and cats only.  They offer food for pets that require a grain-free diet or have other allergy issues. They offer 3-4 different sizes of each type of food at discounted prices.  We found their website to be very user-friendly making it easy to find exactly what you need with pictures showing what the item looks like, the various sizes available for that item and the discounted price clearly listed.  They even have a tab for Pet Parents offering fun merchandise such as T-shirts, keychains and more.

Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies is a wholesale supplier of everything DOG! We would be remiss to not include Dog Supplies in our blog about dog supplies!  This site offers every name brand dog supply you can imagine plus a Bargain Bin tab with supplies that are all under $4 and a clearance section with even more great deals. If your only pet is a dog, then you’ll love Dog Supplies because everything they sell is for dogs.


Jeffers is another one of our favorites because they not only offer dog supplies, but you can find supplies for every kind of animal you may own from household pets to horses and other livestock.  For our readers who live in more rural areas, this is a great site to check out if you’re not yet familiar with Jeffers. You’ll find supplies as basic as food and toys as well as meds and farm and ranch supplies.

Our last two sites that we want to include are Petsmart and 1-800-PetSupplies.  Most everyone is familiar with these sites, but our list would not be complete without a mention of them.  If you’re in the  market for a Halloween costume for your dog, check out PetSmart’s awesome deals on some really great costumes that, of course, will be perfect for Cascade Kennel’s Annual Haunted Puppy Town!

So there you have it! The Cascade Kennels’ top list of Dog Supplies.  We hope you’ve found this helpful and if we missed one that’s your favorite, let us know in the comments below.

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