Meet Our Kennel Technicians

Our team of kennel technicians is second to none. These dedicated animal lovers come to work each day enthusiastic and ready to provide the highest standard of care possible. Cascade Kennels would not be the business it is today without the help from our amazing team!

Lorraine has been working at Cascade since 2008 as a kennel technician. At the beginning of the 2011 summer she was promoted to Kennel Supervisor. She earned her bachelors degree in Zoology at Washington State University. In her free time Lorraine enjoys reading novels and hiking with her husband, Brian, and their dog Maya.
Lorraine Harpole
Kennel Technician Lead
Melissa joined our team in 2016. Her valuable professional experience includes working in veterinary clinics, doggy daycares, equestrian facilities and in rescue. Melissa is currently studying to complete an associates in integrated studies, with the goal being to major in Zoology. Ultimately her hope is to work in conservation, specifically focusing on the preservation of wolves. Her passion for animals benefits every creature that comes into her care. Even from a very young age, she has always sought every opportunity to surround herself with animals and try to understand them better.
Melissa Wolfe
Daycare Attendant & Cattery Technician
Victoria has been working as a kennel technician at Cascade Kennels since 2008. She started in our exercise department and has since moved up to being a Kennel Technician. Victoria is currently going to college working towards her Bachelors of the Arts Degree. In her spare time she loves to go camping with her Doberman named Walker.
Victoria Sandelll
Kennel Technician Lead
Rachel joined our kennel tech team in November of 2015. Rachel’s unique experience includes her 7 years spent as a volunteer at the Washington Ferret Rescue, helping at her uncle’s exotic animal pet store over the years, and 3 years working in dog kennels prior to coming to Cascade. Dogs are her true passion and she hopes to someday put her ever-growing experience with dogs to further use by pursuing a career in dog training.
Rachel Randall
Kennel Technician
Rhett joined our exercise department in 2015. Rhett was formerly a manager at another pet care facility, and knows that he always intends to work with animals. In Rhett’s words, “Humor makes me happy, which is why I love working with animals. They can always make you laugh!” In addition to appreciating the humor dogs bring to everyday life, he is always interested in learning from each unique dog he comes in contact with. Rhett currently owns a playful Siberian Husky, who keeps him very busy.
Rhett Davidson
Lead Exercise Technician
Janelle joined our team as a walker in 2013 and has since been trained as a kennel technician. Her love for being around animals has led her to pursue a degree as a veterinary technician beginning in the fall. Janelle has completed the year long Sno-Isle Veterinary Assisting program, interned at Clearview Animal Hospital, and volunteered at Farrel McWhirter Park and Eagle Ridge Equestrian Center. She currently has three dogs, two cats, two horses, and two goats. Janelle’s hobbies include riding quads and riding horses.
Janelle Costa
Kennel Technician
Bianca became a kennel tech here in 2015. Bianca has only ever had animal-related jobs, with years of experience working and volunteering at boarding kennels, veterinary clinics and shelters. She is currently pursuing her major in Aquatics and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. Growing up, her personal pets have included dogs, cats, birds and snakes. For now she only has an Exotic Shorthair cat, but she hopes to someday own a dog again, as well as a bearded dragon.
Bianca Chandler
Kennel Technician
Kyla joined the Cascade Kennels team in early 2017. Kyla grew up with cats and dogs, and her love of animals led her to seek a career working with them. She has previous experience caring for dogs professionally, as well as working with rescues to socialize, rehabilitate and adopt out pets. She has an associates degree in arts and sciences from Bellevue college, as well as a preschool teaching certificate. She currently has two dogs of her own; a puggle named Bubba Gump and a Boston mix named Skye. Kyla says her favorite part of being a kennel tech here is getting to know all of the dog’s different personalities.
Kyla Koch
Kennel Technician
Lee recently joined our team as a kennel technician. Before coming to Cascade Kennels, Lee was an advanced training volunteer at PAWS, a wildlife volunteer, and an intern with their animal behaviorist. She also has previous experience as a kennel technician at a vet as well as another daycare and boarding facility. Lee says the best part of her job is constantly learning from observing the different temperaments and personalities of the dogs who come to stay with us. Her future goals are pursuing a degree in photography, and someday running her own non-profit rescue organization for dogs, reptiles and exotics.
Lee Rippee
Kennel Technician
Jennifer joined our kennel technician team in 2016. With 11 years of experience as a kennel technician at another facility, we are glad to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Jennifer coming on board. Jennifer grew up with dogs, and finds joy in her career whenever she can help soothe a stressed or anxious dog. At home she has two dogs, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix named Booker, and an Australian Shepherd mix named Laney.
Jennifer Peake
Kennel Technician

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